CryptoPresis is a collection of 1821 algorithmically generated art pieces. Inspired by the actions of the President of El Salvador, making history as the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. The first NFT collection from Latin America to the world aims to spread education, throughout our communities, about the possibilities and the potential of cryptocurrencies and NFTs by donating 10% of proceeds to charitable orgnaizations like Bitcoin Beach & others.

Our Story

This story begins with Capitan Capibara and Pxl Plnktn, surfing enthusiasts and businessmen, who admire President Nayib Bukele and his bold conviction of bringing upon the country a new form of sound money, a digital currency where our people, threatened by the wrath of the devaluating fiat, would seek salvation in the new and ever changing digital world powered by the Blockchain.

We sought to follow the bold footsteps of the president and decided to create the first NFT collection of the world´s first nation that adopted BTC as a legal tender. The limited 1,821 piece collection known as the CryptoPresis is to commemorate a historical event that symbolizes the beginning of a new era. Only those truly worthy shall possess one of these valuable artworks, for great power comes great responsability. Genesis holders will hold to power to decide the fate of our people to guide us to eternal prosperity in the Metaverse.

It is only a matter of time until our President Bukele hops on-board on this project and on that day the flood gates shall burst open. You must act now, before it is too late. Our goal is to create something truly special that will inspire World leaders to join the new era of sound money.

Limited Edition Legendary NFTs

satoshi presi
martian presi
spider presi
joker presi
neo presi
jedi presi
whitewalker presi
super saiyan presi
iron presi



First 100 members of our Discord server receive a Cabinet (OGs) role, with instant access to the pre-sale whitelist.

Host multiple giveaways and competitions through twitter and discord for our community members.

Interview with a major newspaper: Diario El Salvador conducting an interview about the project with the founders: Capitán Capibara & Pxl Plnktn (Release date: Oct 14th).
Interview on Latin America's largest Crypto Podcast: “Espacio Cripto”.

We're following several leads and connections in order to get the President of El Salvador to officially endorse the project.

We cannot get into details, but we are confident that this is an achievable task. The ramifications of this goal are immense, for the project, it’s holders and the President himself!


PRESALE LAUNCH: Whitelisted addresses will be able to mint for a period of 5 days. Set to take place on Wednesday, November 3rd at 8:00am EST to Monday, November 8th at 2:00am EST.
PUBLIC LAUNCH: Public sale goes live on our minting site on November 8th at 10:00am EST.

9/10 LIMITED EDITION LEGENDARY NFTs included in the collection. Every participant has an equal chance at minting a legendary.
1/10 LIMITED EDITION LEGENDARY NFT reserved and airdropped to the President of El Salvador after launch.

DONATION: 10% of minting proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations in El Salvador with the purpose of spreading education about the possibilities and the potential that NFTs can bring to the lives of many people.

108 CryptoPresis NFTs are reserved by the team for Giveaways, Collabs and to reward the team for their efforts. (These NFTs will be completely random)


Project royalties will be 7.5% of secondary market sales on OpenSea.
20% of that will be allocated for marketing & charity efforts and future development of the project (mods, social media managers, developers).

CryptoPresis Genesis holders can vote on future use of funds available for social responsibility and post-launch marketing initiatives.

Start a podcast to raise our influence in crypto & NFTs and to also raise awareness and education throughout Latin america.

CryptoPresis Exclusive Collection

Enlistment of top 10-15 Salvadoran illustrators/artists to create 1821 piece derivative collection inspired by the CryptoPresis Genesis Collection.
Collection will be free-to-mint exclusively for genesis holders and will have varying degrees of rarity among them.

COLLABS, GIVEAWAYS and COMPETITIONS: Host multiple giveaways and competitions through twitter and discord for our community members.

CryptoPresis 3rd Collection

Future NFT collection TBA. Holders of CryptoPresis genesis token get instant whitelist access.

Host multiple giveaways and competitions through twitter and discord for our community members.


F. A. Q.

When did this project came to life?

It started with two friends discussing the potential of NFTs after a long day of surfing at Bitcoin Beach. This coincided around the time when El Salvador became the first country in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender. The following day the artist developed some concepts and the project was underway.

What is the total supply?

A total of 1821 unique CryptoPresis NFTs will be created. The total supply of the NFTs was inspired by the year of independence of El Salvador. 10 of these will be the LEGENDARY ULTRA-RARE CryptoPresis and 1 of which will be airdropped to the President himself.

When is the launch?

Presale: On November 3rd, reserved for whitelisted addresses to mint up to 3 CryptoPresis.
Public Sale: On November 8th, every piece left from the Presale will be available for mint to the public.

How much does it cost to mint an NFT?

Presale: 0.04 ETH + gas.
Public Sale: 0.0888 ETH + gas.

Where can I mint?

You will be able to mint from this website. The mint link will be available on the launch day.

How many can I mint during the sale?

Presale: Up to 3
Public Sale: Up to 4

Will my CryptoPresi be revealed directly after purchase?

No. We will reveal the NFTs after the entire collection has been minted, this to ensure that people will not be discouraged to mint in a case where all legendaries have been minted.

How will we get the President of El Salvador to use this as his PFP?

We're exploring several channels of communications in order to get his direct attention on this project. El Salvador is a small country and basically everybody knows everybody through someone else. We are developing several ways to get him in board and if you know about him, you know he's a very tech-saavy individual who likes to be on the cutting edge.

How much are the royalties?

We investigated several other projects in order to determine a percentage that would not affect our holders too much, but also provided us with the funds in order to move this project forward. Based on that, we determined a 7.5% royalty.

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